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    Thanks so much for stopping by, I want ya'll to know that I look forward to hopefully working with you and I really look forward to capturing your life's most precious moments!! <3

♥ Littlest Prince ♥ | Galveston County, and surrounding areas, Newborn Photographer

and for a fun comparison, here is the same shot from above that I did of the older brother and sister when she was born!! <3

♥ Sweet Family ♥ | Galveston County Photographer

What a fun day was had with this lil’ family, it was more play than work and that’s JUST how I like it!! <3

♥ Princesses on the Way!! ♥ | Galveston County Photographer

This sweet lil’ couple are expectin’ TWIN baby girls in just a few weeks!! How flippin’ gorgeous are these two?!! I keep tellin’ the Momma she should be a model, she has such a gorgeous natural beauty!! <3

♥ They have my Heart…. ♥ | Galveston County Family Photographer

I’ve been “shootin'” this family for almost 2yrs now and I swear it gets funner and funner, and more memorable, every time I see them!! This session was by far the best, especially since little miss Addison was in such a spunky mood, she literally made my cheeks tingle for the rest of the weekend with all the laughs she gave me!!



and last but not least, in her fun little birthday outfit!! <3

♥ Sweet Sneak Peek ♥ | Galveston County Family Photographer

What a fun family this was and too sweet to boot!! I am kinda glad we got rained out a few weeks ago because I don’t think this session could have been any more perfect than it was and it wasn’t even my original location either!!

and a fun one of the princess and her cousin!! <3

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