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♥ Full of Peace, Love and Thankfulness ♥ | Wordless Wednesday

My Heart Smiles <3 the Lord, His teachings and His never ending love for me. He has truly shown me more ways to be Strong in myself, my faith and my works; more ways to learn forgiveness and USE what I have learned towards others; and more ways to LOVE Everyone for all that they […]

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♥ Fun Maternity ♥ | Galveston County and Surroundin’ Areas Maternity Photographer

Oh.My.Hottness. < that is the only way to describe how this session went, not just the couple, who are too stinkin’ cute for words too, but the weather as well!! This was by far such an amazingly fun session, filled with a ton of giggles, stories and truths about why it is better to go […]

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♥ Proud to be a “Falcon” Soccer Mommy ♥ | Macro Monday

Officially, tomorrow, I will PROUDLY be able to proclaim at the top of my lungs that I am a SOCCER MOMMY!!!!!! My lil’ man is startin’ his very first season playin’ Soccer tomorrow night with his very first game and I would *try and say I am more excited than he is but that is […]

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♥ Huntin’ Season ♥ | 52wk Friday

(*Sorry for this bein’ so late y’all!! Sinus Infection knocked me outta this world for almost a week!!*) SO, Huntin’ Season is right around the corner and guess what my lil’ family is doin’??!! THAT’s RIGHT, we are preparin’ for it which means we are trainin’ chitlens, makin’ boat blinds, stockin’ up on ammo and […]

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♥ Sickies ♥ | Wordless Wednesday

Me and my chitlens all have sinus infections and to top it off poor Sissy has an ear infection too…. so this is what our day is full of…. (*well this and tons of tissue, movies and snuggles*)

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