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♥ “I Love the way you Love me” ♥

There are so many times that I sit here and I brag about my Husband and how truly awesome of a man he is and just when I think he cannot get any better, he once again amazes me and does something that knocks me completely off my feet!! Well, he did just that, knocked […]

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♥ Sweet Bebe Girl ♥ | Galveston County Bebe Photographer

Meet Everleigh! (I just LOVE that name!) She is my very first Newborn of 2010 and one I shall never forget, after a long but short 6hr session with her, I shall remember her always! She is not only my first when it comes to the new year, she is also a few of my […]

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♥ My Smiles ♥

the newborn I am about to post! <3 although she made me work for it, I got some great shots and she was adorable! my son telling my daughter this morning “Chey, Chey, Chey, Chey I lub your hair Chey, it pretty, I just lub it!”, it was so cute! my daughter telling me today […]

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♥ Yummo! ♥

Chocolate and Fruit, need I say more??!! Kroger, one of the local Grocery Stores around these here parts, has one of the best inventions ever made, A Chocolate Cup filled with Raspberry Cream and topped with Fresh Fruit!! Oh it was DELICIOUS, let me tell you what and the best part was of course the chocolate!! […]

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♥ Shirley Temple ♥

Well, my little mini version of Shirley Temple that is!! Ain’t she a cutie pie?!?!! She has my heart, keeps me smiling every day with lots of love, kisses and random words and phrases, such as “Mommy, I love you, you are my girlfriend because boyfriends are gross and Bubba is too” OR “Mommy, we […]

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